So you’re thinking about building a home, but you aren’t sure about how long this will take and how this will affect your everyday life. When it comes to development, the length of every project varies for a number of different reasons. These could include the size of the project, the complexity of the design and the resources that are being used. As well as this, there’s also the unexpected issues that have the potential to affect the length of your home development, such as undesirable weather. However, there is a rough estimate that can be given when it comes to building a new home.

The first step to development is a site testing. This involves the testing of soil, a site levelling and a clearing to ensure it’s ready for construction. At this point, neighbours in the surrounding properties should also be informed of the development that is taking place.

The next step is putting down the concrete slab, which involves the digging, setup and pouring of footings. Also, drainage, a moisture banner and mesh is installed before the concrete if poured. This step takes up to 2 weeks.

Once the slab has been laid, the construction of external and internal walls begins. As well as the installation of reinforced steel, taking approximately 4 weeks to complete.

The next step is the installation of pipes for plumbing, a roof frame and gutters. Followed by windows, plasterboard, ceilings and the rendering of walls. This again takes around 4 weeks to complete.

The next step is plastering, waterproofing, laying tiles and the installation of cabinetry. Once this is finished, the completion stage begins, involving painting, fencing, landscaping, floor coverings and other fittings. This phase takes around 3 months to complete.


All in all, building a new home is a big job, and to get your job done within your budget and timeframe, you need the expert developers at Renmac. The family-owned business is dedicated to creating your ideal home at the right price. For a consultation to find out what it will take to obtain your dream home, call the team now on 0415 734 378.

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